Why Locked?

Peace of mind, wherever you are

Wherever you go, with Locked you’ll be able to receive instant SMS alerts as soon as any of your doors make any motion. Locked comes with remote manual enabling and disabling through its mobile app, allowing you to turn on or off your alarm if your day is not quite going to schedule. Finally, Locked comes with a speaker that will make a loud and annoying noise which should scare intruders away.

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Amazing rates

House security systems can usually cost up to several 1000 pounds. Can’t afford to break the bank for your home security? Most home security systems with expensive video monitoring comes at a high cost. With Locked’s magnetic motion detection, you pay under 25% of the market price for round the clock security, at just £19.99.


According to the Office of National Statistics, over 650,000 incidents of robberies have been recorded in 2017. On top of this Scotland Yard estimates that over 95% of burglaries go unsolved. Locked allows fast intervention from the police which might allow them to catch the intruders in the act.

Easy setup

Ditch the ladders, hammers and drills. Locked modules come with EZ-attach functionality. Just attach it to your door.


2 Year Warranty

The system not working as promised? Bring us back your device, and we will repair or replace your system for up to two years. *

* Conditions apply.

The Team


Alexander Jarisch

Ryan Mansoor

Pedro Monteiro

Joe Gardner